Proper Uses and Applications of Real Scent

Here at Real Scent we are proud of the product that we produce and feel honored that you would let us be apart of your Whitetail hunting adventure. We want to assure you that we take the extra steps necessary to provide a clean, fresh product that is ready to perform when you need it most. Keep in mind that a Whitetail's entire life revolves around his nose, even more so every Fall season. Whether it be for protection against you and I, establishing dominance and territorial markings, or to read the signs of a Doe that is ready to breed, his nose is always right. We work hard to escape his eyes with tall treestands, groundblinds and camouflage. We try to entice his ears with grunting, snort wheezing and rattling. So, why wouldn't we do our best to fool the number one defense system, his nose? This of course is no easy task and there are no "magic in a bottle" solutions. We can however take major steps in covering our scent and creating a realistic scenario that just may trick him long enough for you to take that shot of a lifetime. Remember, when you use scents, you are bringing attention to a specific region. It is vital that you do not contaminate that region with your own human odor. Always try to create as natural of a scenario as possible and then sit back and await the rewards from your efforts.