Real Scent is a family-owned and operated business that takes great pride and specialzes in Whitetail deer scents. We utilize a state-of-the-art facility that is not only the most effective in the industry, but also the cleanest. As serious hunters ourselves, we know how important it is to arm yourself with the best possible products that you can afford.

The scents that we collect are filtered, captured and stored in air-tight containers within seconds of its release from the deer. There are great measures taken in the collection process to eliminate contamination. Scents are then kept in a dark, cool environment. There is no magic in a bottle, and scents should be looked at as simply another tool to have in your arsenal, just like your grunt call or rattling horns. All we can do on our end is provide the freshest, cleanest product that we can … the rest is up to the hunter. I always recommend that you use your scents and lures "the way Mother Nature would." Common sense can be our most important weapon sometimes. Remember a deer lives and dies by their nose. We have to give them the utmost respect in that category … but it is also a category that can be used to our advantage.